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Altop Products brings new solutions to life. By designing and developing patented concepts, we create new solutions for various industries. Our designs and products are produced with the utmost commitment and dedication. Our highly experienced engineers work together with young professionals to create products which solve major issues in many different industrial sectors.

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Altop vacuum pump

We have recently developed a new concept: a vacuum pump that is able to continuously run dry. The Altop vacuum pump has some special features which result in a multi-functional and more durable machine suitable for a range of applications.

This vacuum pump…

  • can continuously run dry.
  • runs independently (compatible with universal applications).
  • is resistant to dust and sand.
  • is not susceptible to variations in climate (ready to be used all over the world).
  • has a larger capacity, negative pressure and air flow, compared to other vacuum pumps.
  • has a low power consumption.
  • has a low operating temperature (producing less heat).
  • can be used as a single or double version (with a universal engine).
  • has an integrated oil pump for better lubrication.
  • is extremely robust.
  • has a longer product life than similar vacuum pumps, due to the innovative use of materials.
  • is easy to service.
  • is compatible with all types of rotary pumps.
  • is more competitively priced than similar vacuum pumps.

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The patented concept can only be produced or sold by licensed companies.

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If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us for further information:

Sam Speijers

Chief Innovation Officer


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